Smoking Corner for for Flavour e-liquid: Flavourland’ s new challenge in this new market niche named called “FLAVOUR e-LIQUID” and linked to liquids for electronic cigarettes that are subject to the new European legislation (2014/40/CEE). In Flavourland’ s Corner dedicated to this sector we offer the usual quality, service and competence connected to style & class (‘Smoking’ (dinner jacket) has always symbolized sophistication and elegance: a man dress that is always trendy and every year walks the catwalk of the world in ever new patterns and colors) which made Flavourland known through years in the taste world!

What have our Flavour e-Liquids?

First of all the security of ‘Made in Italy : starting from BASE 200 mg/ml to our ‘Ready to Use’, diversified among tobaccos, sweet and fantasy tastes, throughout our packages absolutely ‘Made in Italy’.

Second of all, the conformity to European Directive 2014/40/CEE (better known as TPD=Tobacco Products Directive) that from May 2017 is compulsory for the nicotine products that must have some characteristics as quantity, packaging and explicative leaflet as for medicine, in addition to the notification to both the European institutions and to Ministry of Health: all this, without the ‘expensive’ partnership of consultants, would not been possible, as the procedures are not the ‘simplest’ ones!

Anyway also in this area Flavourland commitment has been and always is in choosing raw materials, regularly checked and supervised from in-going to out-going by our ‘Quality Department’, that respect European regulation on flavours for food industry, and TPD rules (as you can notice from labelling of Flavourland’ s Flavour e-Liquids)