basiBase 200mg/ml is the unique base notified by Flavourland Smoking Corner. It is available, to be compliant with TPD, in 10 ml package. The composition is the classic one: propilenglicol, glycerol, demineralized water and nicotine. Our bases all are able to go along with every e- cigarette’s flavour. The ingredients are of top quality and everytime controlled by our laboratory. Also the analysis made by external laboratories confirm the quality that Flavourland has always stated! Research and Quality Control are expensive but are important for consumer health!

Flavourland has decided to notify an unique Base 200mg/ml because with simple dilutions it is possible to obtain the desired quantity of nicotine.
The Base without nicotine ( 0 nicotine) is available in 100ml and/or 250ml packages.
In Flavourland are also available those products that we called ‘Technological products’ ;
tanks of 2kg of propilenglicol, glycerol and demineralized water. These products (raw materials) are the same ones Flavourland use normally, in accordance with the strict and more restrictive parameters of Reg.1334/2008, in production of food and pharma flavours! These products are indispensable for anyone who wants to ‘create’ their own flavor to ‘snatch’
For only ‘industrial and professional use’ in Flavourland are available tanks of 2Kg of ‘ mixes with nicotine 0,9% and/or 1,8%’