…and for those prone to “do it yourself” there are ‘The Concentrates’ by Flavourland that, if mixed masterly to propilenglycol, glycerol, deminearlizzed water (all three eventually available in 2kg.in Flavourland tanks), grant a marvellous smoke, with or without nicotine, with the advantage of a sure personal flavour!
Be careful if you use nicotine!

Apart from the security issue (always to keep in mind)this is the corner dedicated to who has a minimum of experience and manual skill with the electronic cigarette and is willing to take his time to smoke and relax!
Concentrates are proposed in small plastic bottles (10 ml), sealed with security cap which allow to obtain 12 ready to smoke at least (each one 10 ml content!)

Flavourland decided to notify only the ‘Base 200mg/ml’ of nicotine, packaged in 10ml containers with a childproof cap (as required by the regulations) which, used with a Collection Concentrate, offers the ability to obtain ‘ready to smoke’ at variable nicotine content. The result is good for sure even though the flavour is not equal to what perceived using our ‘ready to smoke’ manufactured in Flavourland warehouse!

The categories of concentrates available are:
Collections: Tobaccos – Cocktails & Soft drink – Other Tastes

Tobaccos that are divided in classical, trendy, strong, innovative flavours
x-tabaccosi-con-scrittaClassical Flavours: malburry, virginia, magnific, tuscan, desert (same note of Brown Tobacco), seven flowers, FL8, dark night.
Two words about the taste of our concentrates:
MALBURRY: classical note of tobacco. Pleasant in mouth and unmistakable. A Flavourland must
VIRGINIA: delicate, balanced in taste, also recommended for ladies, you feel a dry throat sensation.
MAGNIFIC: unique for the taste of tobacco, reminds a lot the cigarette smoke. Suitable for both women and men.
TUSCAN: dry note that, to the most sensitive men, gives the characteristic ‘hit’ in the throat sought by smokers and therefore by those who try to quit smoking!
DESERT: tabacco flavour with a round and harmonious taste, slightly sweet but engaging. After trying it remains a sweet memory and it’s hard to replace it!
SEVEN FLOWER: in this ready to smoke you can find the predominance of dark and harmonious notes. Strong note of tobacco: you must taste!
FL8: tasty that, at first, gives a slightly sweet flavor that then turns into a dry and slightly bitter end.
DARK NIGHT: bitter and dry taste. Full and round mouthfeel with tastes of green Oriental notes

Trendy Flavours: really sig, cuba, ultralight, 8B leaves, tobago, maxi, regal.
Two words about the taste of our concentrates:
REALLY SIG: the name given to this concentrate speaks clearly. Characteristic for its intense flavor, with a slightly bitter note: typical note of the cigarette.
CUBA: name that identify a liquid with a constant, light flavour with a soft finish so to leave a pleasure taste in the e-sig smoker’
ULTRALIGHT: light and harmonious taste: soft in the beginning and dry to the end
8B LEAVES: from the leaves of tobacco with a decided taste with predominance of dark notes. The ‘bitter’ note on the final influences positively the taste
TOBAGO: a sentence: whoever tastes it … do not forget it!
MAXI: mix more tasty flavors from jam to sweet mixed to satisfy!
REGAL: the name is an invitation to the tasting. Tasty notes with a slight fresh note!

Strong Flavours: heavy tobacco, Irish pub, English club
Two words about the taste of our concentrates
HEAVY TOBACCO: the name says everything about the taste: intense and strong flavour
IRISH PUB: from the idea of ​​the smoky rooms of Ireland was born this ‘rich flavor’ …
ENGLISH CLUB: taste with strong and persistent notes. Aromatic impact also detectable from far

Innovative Flavours: flavavana, middle tobacco, tunisi, popeye (pipe tobacco)
Two words about the taste of our concentrates

FLAVAVANA: Rough and dry flavour that brings back to the far cities of the center of America sunny and full of smells and scents.

MIDDLE TOBACCO: concentrate with the significant peculiarities: tobacco taste with soft and round notes that can give a good mouthfeel in the mouth.
TUNISI: born from the idea of ​​combining oriental and classic smoking notes: definitely captivating its full taste

POPEYE( pipe tobacco): Tasty in tones, flavour and perfume. neither sweet nor dry but for sure successful.

alcoholic-per-sito-con-fumoAlcoholic e non type Drink tastes: dublino (Irish coffee), mojto, pinacolada, cubalibre, marrakech (mint tea), cok, lime cok, rhum, rhum+tobacco notes, whisky, whisky+tobacco notes, blackbull, anis note
Two words about the taste of our concentrates
DUBLINO (Irish coffee): the taste of coffee, whisky , cream and sugar joint in this ‘concentrate’ created by Flavourland. It is unique and classical!
MOJTO: the blend of the famous classic drink put into a liquid and that mantains that taste between rhum notes and green notes of mint.
PINACOLADA: as mojito Flavourland gave origin to a blend that recall the fresh, thirst quenching, fruity taste but not too sweet, really exotic…of the famous drink
CUBALIBRE: blend of the best rhum flavour with coke flavour as required by Caribbean recipe
MARRAKESH (mint tea): from the revised name of the famous Moroccan city, its most popular hot desert drink with exclusive notes
COK : from the revised name of the famous and imitated drink in the world: only the bubbles are missing!
LIME COK: combination of two tastes of the most well-known and often used when we need a thirst quenching taste!
RHUM: nothing to say, the characteristic note reproduced in a ‘flavour’ liquid!
RHUM+TOBACCO: the Flavourland famous rhum note with a catchy note of tobacco
WHISKY: the well known taste reproduced in a ‘liquid flavour’!
WHISKY+TOBACCO: the famous note of whisky with a catchy note of tobacco
BLACKBULL: attractive taste that, ‘without wanting to put wings on anyone’, it’s nice to ‘snatch’ in the doses that you !
ANIS NOTE: a concentrate which brings with it the flavor of the sweet combined with the fennel seed flavour and a delicious mint aftertaste


Other tastes: are divided in red notes, fruity notes, fresh notes, fantasy notes, dark notes, creamy notes

red-notes-per-sito-con-scrittaRed Notes: vignolarossa(cherry), red (strawberry), FdB (forest fruit), lamp (raspberry), berry (berry), violet, topping (blackcherry)
Two words about the taste of these concentrates: all these flavors have always been the “forte” of the research and development of Flavourland, exactly known ss a sweet flavor creator! Flavourland hopes to obtain the same success reached with these flavors in the food industry also in the e-Liquid world. Try to believe it!
Fruity Notes: tropicalcoc (coconut), exotic, cucumismelo (melon), yellow (pineapple), sicily (bergamot), tree (apple)
Two words about the taste of our concentrates: these flavours too belong to Flavourland ‘history’ in the food industry world! Flavourland hopes to obtain the same success reached with these flavors in the food industry also in the e-Liquid world. Try to believe it!

Fresh Notes: scorzetto (lemon), fresh blacky (mint licorice), colluttym (menthol), fresh leaf (peppermint), fresh green (mint), fresh string (spearmint)
Two words about the taste of our concentrates: these flavours must be taste because studied and created by Flavourland R&D, known teacher in various mint notes. Mint is not always the same: there are many tonalities!

Fantasy Notes: 3F (fresh forest fruit), framerasp, luna park (cotton candy), marshmellow, dream , different dream
Two words about the taste of our cocentrates
3F: a flavor that combines the taste of aromatic notes of red fruits with a ‘fresh’ note. Concentrate that likes!

FRAMERASP: A mixture of fruity tastes most liked!
LUNA PARK: the famous ‘cotton candy’, the sweet taste of when we were young, but still liked by ex young!
MARSHMELLOW: from the name that recalls the best known product used in the States and turned into a sweet and fragrant flavor for electronic cigarettes
DREAM: ‘herbaceous’ note that can create the illusion of being in the middle of the green, in an enchanted lawn
DIFFERENT DREAM : More aromatic than DREAM with a mild flavor of tea

creamy-note-con-scrittaDark Notes: java (coffee), blacky (reglisse), blacky string (licorice:classical flavour of candies)
Two words about the taste of these concentrates: by the names of these flavours you can perceive the taste! Java always after a good meal; blacky to snatch all day long and blacky string for those who love the more liquorice / candy taste

Creamy Notes: cara (caramel), nocci (nut), spalmabile (nutelcream), PdS (pan di Spagna), maddy (almond), cioky, soft (cream), 2cotto (biscuit), tiramisù, bacca (vanilla)
Two words about the taste of these concentrates: by the names of these flavours you can discover the taste and imagine the result in e-liquid cigarette!

In any case, Flavourland was born as a flavor maker so, if you wish, you can request new tastes that you think might be suitable for electronic cigarettes!