The Smoking Corner Collection’s ‘Ready to Smoke’ are high quality products both for raw materials used and for controls done in our quality lab and especially the ones requested by European Directive 2014/40/UE (=notification procedures).

When a product is compliance with TPD?

First of all verify that the product has actually been notified: this means that the product information relating to the safety and quality of consumer protection has been sent to the EU-CEG portal. Six months are necessary to sell the product on market, if the Member State fails to submit further requests. A notified product is, however, subjected to a series of laboratory analysis, most importantly to ensure that it has no harmful effect on health.

R&D experience let us fix, even in this area, flavours that have been pleasantly appreciated by our customers, even before the entry into force of this Directive. Probably more ‘concentrated’ that the others on the market, they have a unique balanced flavour that justify our start as all along flavour makers. Our ‘Ready to Smoke’, as provided by Directive, are sold in small plastic bottles 10ml (if contains nicotine) sealed with a security cap to grant authenticity and security of the ingredients used.

The collection of Flavourland ‘Ready to Smoke’ is divided in three large categories: ‘Tobaccos’, ‘Alcoholic Type drink taste’ and ‘Other tastes’ each one then divided again in order to simplify the research of ‘proper taste’!